Mahan Wagyu, Inc. is owned and operated by Weldon and Jennifer Mahan. Weldon Mahan is a fifth generation Texan and has a long family heritage of Mahan livestock ranches in the Central Texas area. Mahan Wagyu cattle are produced on a 2,500 acre Mahan Land & Cattle, Inc. Ranch near Silverton, TX and the Palo Duro Canyon.


Mahan Wagyu has established a unique Fullblood Wagyu herd utilizing modern breeding techniques, including artificial insemination and embryo transfer of premium genetics.



















Our Japanese Wagyu Genetics come from three lines of Japanese Kuroge Washu"black cattle".

(see more on this in our FAQ on the above menu).

  • The Tajiri or (Tajima) line originated from the Hyogo prefecture (sometimes referred to as KOBE).

  • The Fujiyoshi (or Shimane) line originates from Okayama Prefecture in Japan.

  • The Kedaka (or Tottori) line originates from Tottori Prefecture in Japan.



If you are interested in our products or just want to find out more information about our operation or Wagyu in general, please send us an email or give us call. (See Contact tab on Menu). There is an explosion of new interest in Wagyu cattle and we would like to help you start a new herd or significantly improve your existing herd with Wagyu genetics.

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