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Mahan Wagyu  Ranch Fullblood (100%) Japanese Black Wagyu cattle are traced through DNA parent verification back to their Japanese origins, and we maintain registration papers on all animals through the American Wagyu Association. A DNA sample from our beef can easily be used to validate the authenticity of our product.


Mahan Wagyu Ranch Wagyu cattle are grass fed and grain finished. From birth at the ranch to harvest, our animals are not fed mammalian or avian-derived protein sources with the exception of milk and milk products. In addition, our cattle are not fed antibiotics and do not receive growth hormones. We ensure our animals are always treated in a humane manner.


The  cattle are harvested  and processed at USDA inspected facilities.


Our beef is aged for a minimum of 21 days. Filets are cut 1-1/2” and strips and ribeyes are cut 1 1/4”. Every item is then vacuum sealed in food grade plastic. This provides a longer storage life in your freezer and significantly improves product quality. 


We have a limited offering of whole, half and quarter carcasses available and cut to order. 


Please see our Beef Sides page on this site for details!